Peter Bungart

Archaeology, Ethnohistory, Cultural Geography, GIS, Media Design & Development


Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Welcome. You found it. Thank you for visiting. Here are a couple of recent projects, with links to project sponsors, that I hope you find enjoyable.


Mesa Media

The Hopilavayi Game

The Hopilavayi Game app was released by Mesa Media to the public in December 2016. The goal is to promote Hopi Language revitalization, particularly among the youth, through a game format. The app features artwork and audio clips from Hopi students, in addition to archival and contemporary photos and other media. The app can be played online or downloaded to Android devices from the Google Play Store. We encourage everyone to play, and visit Mesa Media's website, where you can explore all of our language revitalization resources!


Arizona State Library

Arizona's Historic Railroad Towns: A Story Map Tour

This ESRI Story Map application was developed for the Arizona State Library's Digital Arizona Library to bring to life 40 archival maps of various railroad towns throughout Arizona. Originally paper blueprint maps tucked away in drawers at the library, the digitized versions were "georeferenced" to make them viewable as an overlay with modern imagery. The maps show how local landscapes have changed over the past century. The app features archival photos from the Arizona Memory Project's collection, which brings together materials from repositiories throughout the state. You can access the Story Map here (click the "Arizona Maps Online" link), or more directly here.